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About Triple J Tanks

Triple J Tanks is located in the City of Bakersfield, in Central California. We specialize in manufacturing galvanized steel water storage tanks. Our tanks range in size from 1000 gallons up to 200,000 gallons. Our tanks are built from the best quality domestic steel and meet the fire protection requirements for all counties in California.

In addition to the tanks fabricated in our Bakersfield facility, Triple J Tanks also offers on-site construction for the large diameter tanks which are impossible to transport. Our on-site tanks have been built in a variety of locations throughout California; a Church, Orange Orchard, Turkey Farm, Pomigranite Plant, Almond Processing Plants, Dairy and Private Lake, just to name a few. With our on-site construction, our customers can get a first hand look at the quality and craftsmanship going into their tank.

Triple J Tanks delivers statewide. The placement and setting of your tank can be accomplished with the use of our Hydrocrane truck.

All of our tanks are built to the customer's specifications, with on average 4 to 5 fittings ranging from 1/2" up to 4" included in the price of the tank. Our tanks also include a 20" manhole with hinged, lockable lid. We also offer a variety of tank options which include Interior Epoxy Coating, Exterior Paint, Gauge Board, Ladder and Cleanouts.

OUR GUARANTY: Triple J Tanks warrants its galvanized steel water tanks against defect in welds and workmanship causing leakage for 15 years, under normal use, from the date of purchase.

Triple J Tanks
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